About Us

About Us

Kondo is a professional third party logistics provider. Our business covers all functions of the third party logistics. Now we can provide one-stop services on import & export agent, Customs clearance, transportation, bonded and non-bonded warehouse management, logistics distribution service, precision equipment move service and consultant services on trading policies and F.T.Z. or W.B.L.P. policies in China. Since beginning of this century ,the concept of logistics has been steadily broadened and people has become increasingly deeply aware the importance of updated logistics and logistics management. That’s why the third party logistics was born and become favorite with theory and practice in western logistics. Kondo as the professional 3PL provider provides our customers serialization、individuation and information service of Logistic Agency which take contract as restriction, and alignment as foundation. The service includes designing logistics system, ability of EDI, account manage... MORE

Our Advantages

One-step solution for customs clearance, warehousing and transportation to meet all your needs in supply chain.

  • Low-Risk


    Kondo logistics have established a precautionary safety management mechanism, we carry out preventiv...

  • Time-Limited


    Bonded Warehousing and distribution center project...

  • High-VAS


    We not only provides logistics services such as customs declaration, storage and transportation, but...

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