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We promise our operation is consistent with social responsibility and commercial behavior standard. We also provide the first-rate performance of environment, health and security to our customers and employees. 

Kondo will operate our business in a way which is acceptable to the environment, and keep on developing system of operation process, environment, health, security management and pollution prevention. We will concentrate on the service which provides environmental protection and safety, and stick to the end. 


HSSH represents four principal aspects in the administration which is relate to safety: Health , safety , security and environment. The system demands a series of management of health, safety, security and environment to develop the effect of administration and operation ceaselessly, and to promote harmonious development of social benefits. The ultimate target of HSSE is " safety exists in everyone, every moment , every place, "Promoting the management system of HSSH in all round can raising enterprise security, environment and health management level, and reducing occurrence of accident. It can lower the cost of business enterprise, save energy and resources, and raise synthesize benefit of the enterprise in the meantime. As for employees, the HSSH management can raise personal HSSH consciousness, creating a safe, healthy, and comfortable work environment, and eliminate the insecure behavior and work condition caused by individual. We will establish a healthy and safe work environment with our employees. 

In order to attain this target in the global scope, we will:
① Conform to or overtop all suitable environment health and security laws, and other governmental demand.
② Establish a rational target of the environment, the health, and the security, and report our achievement to the related agency.
③ Require the supplier’s operation behavior is consistent with our policy of the environment , the health, the safety. being in motion and doing business is flexible and our guiding principle are consistent
④ Cooperate with our customers, and help them to improve their performance of the environment , the health, and the safety.
⑤ Ensure the evaluation of the performance by the effective evaluation of the administration and the environment guarantee procedures.

As the world's communion is getting more and more intense, the importance of the enterprise behavior is also getting notable gradually. We estimate our environments, the social policy, and our actual performance. According to it, we adopt appropriate measures. Our fundamental principle of commercial behavior is integrity and respect, and all the activities should follow this principle.