With its rich experince, Kondo Logistics provides tailor-made logistics solutions for automobile manufacturers and component manufacturers, we help customers to reduce unneccessary processes, improve efficiency, reduce logistics costs and optimize the supply chain. Our servicesinclude inbound logistics, production logistics and spare parts logistics.

Inbound logistics

According to the requirements of the vehicle factory, the professional automobile logistics team provides customized services such as Milk-run, transportation route design, truck management, logistics planning and process design. Through tailor-made door to door logistics solutions for customers, as well as rapid and efficient logistics response and execution, to ensure the stable operation of customer production lines while reducing logistics costs.

  • Milk-run

  • JIT

  • VMI/Cross dock

  • Packaging and other value-added services

  • Cyclic container management 

Production logistics

The vehicle factory production and logistics time limit request is very high, follow 4 principles: the specified time, the specified quantity, the specified parts and the specified place, our warehouing and transportation teams work closely together to achieve the precision of the entire supply chain.

  • Immediate delivery according to production line schedule

  • Parts ordering

  • Line feed

  • Parts pre-assembly and other value-added services

  • Cyclic container management 

Spare parts logistics

Relying on the warehouse layout and multi-model tranport network of Kondo Logistics, we can ensure that customers receive the spare parts at the right time and right place.

  • Site selection planning of central spare parts warehouse and regional spare parts warehouse

  • Spare parts warehouse inventory level management

  • Transfer of spare parts between spare parts warehouses

  • Spare parts are delivered to the door

  • Damaged parts recycle and reverse logistics

  • Spare parts sorting, packaging and other value-added services

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