Customs clearance + bonded warehousing + non-bonded warehousing + Transportation (LTL,FTL) integrated logistics service business

2023-01-31 15:57:15 admin 77


The number one Japanese company in a certain industry needs to import chemical raw materials, and then sold to domestic users in RMB and us dollars respectively, and because of the particularity of product packaging (Although it is iron drum packaging, but iron drum is directly online use, if there is any dent will affect the final use, equivalent to the product without packaging) transportation is very difficult, If use charter truck to transport completely, the logistics costs will be unbearable. In order to maximize the efficiency of logistics and reduce logistics costs, Kondo Logistics provides the optimal logistics solution as follows:

Logistics mode solution: If the goods sold in us dollars are declared to Waigaoqiao bonded warehouse, If the goods are sold in RMB, the goods shall be stored at the Jiading warehouse and distribution center of Kondo Logistics after customs clearance and tax payment at the port. This not only meets the needs of domestic users to import the good by handbook, but also reduces the logistics costs of RMB selling goods into the bonded warehouse for the second declaration.

Transportation solutions: with more than 10 years of experience in the chemical industry, Kondo Logistics will select the road LTL(consolidation) transportation service and charter truck transportation service for customers according to the quantity of each shipment and the distance of the delivery at a small increase in the packaging cost. Due to the LTL (consolidation) transport needs to carpool with different products, it is quite difficult in load and unload truck, pick up, deliver goods and every link, Kondo Logistics customer service staff will supervise and track every delivery, every driver and every loading and unloading, ensure the goods are delivered safely to the end user in the most economical and efficient condition.