Medical equipment transportation, unloading, moving and setting service

2020-06-09 11:47:38 admin 62


A Swedish medical equipment company sells imported medical equipment to 3A  hospitals all over the country, because the hospital only responsible for receiving, all of the unloading, moving and setting should be completed by the seller, therefore, they need to seek a professional logistics company to arrange the site survey, transportation, unloading and setting of a total solution services before delivery. Kondo logistics was entrusted by the customer, before each transportation, we will send professional staff to the hospital to check the site and access conditions, and design the optimal unloading plan according to the size of the equipment. Finally, we will arrange the transportation of the equipment to the hospital to complete the unloading, moving, equipment positioning and the packaging garbage cleaning and a series of services. Each equipment is in place safely, is our service purpose.