• Our advantages

    Integrate Resources, More Convenient!Take advantages of our 18 years of logistics industry resources and strengths, integrate functions that require the responsibility of several foreign trade agents,

    2020/06/05 admin 31

  • Low-Risk

    Kondo logistics have established a precautionary safety management mechanism, we carry out preventive risk control from the whole process of warehousing, storage, distribution, transportation and delivery.

    2020/06/07 admin 56

  • Time-Limited

    We scientifically plan each transportation route, strictly according to the delivery date of the order, communicate with the customer about the delivery time in advance, and promise to arrive timely w

    2020/06/07 admin 33

  • High-VAS

    We not only provides logistics services such as customs declaration, storage and transportation, but also provide value-added service "1+N", so as to meet customers' personalized needs i

    2020/06/07 admin 42

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