Export Tax Refund Service

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Export goods refund (Exemption) tax, referred to as the export tax rebate, its basic meaning is that the export goods returned to its domestic production and circulation of the actual payment of product tax, value-added tax, business tax and special consumption tax. The system of tax refund for export goods is an important part of a country's tax revenue.

Export tax rebate is mainly through domestic goods for export refund taxes already paid to balance the tax burden of domestic products, make their product does not contain tax cost to enter the international market, with foreign products under the same conditions in the competition, so as to enhance the competitive ability, expand exports to generate foreign exchange earnings.

1, the tax refund brief procedure
a) pre declaration;
b) doubt feedback;
c) record. A formal declaration of tax receipt;
d) formal declaration. Submit floppy disk, U disk, to declare the registration receipt, tax summary returns, purchase detailed returns, export declaration form, for the record table, are required to affix the official seal of the company.
f)the window operation personnel receiving the signed, the tax agent accept signature of receipt and leave office telephone feedback, referred to the tax rebate that document review.
Specific requirements: submit floppy disk; filing receipt of registration and tax rebate summary declaration, purchase details, export declaration form; operator's signature confirmation; charge window operator print after single receipt of registration and doubtful points in table; export tax rebate that document review.

2, the formal declaration submitted to the requirements of paper materials
In order to bound the original documents
a) value-added tax special invoice
b) a single export verification
c) export customs declaration
d) export invoice
e) the export tax rebate summary declaration form
f) the export tax refund purchase detailed declaration form
g) export tax refund export detailed declaration form
h) information filing and reporting form.

3, the export tax rebate with material
a) customs declaration. Declaration of import or export of goods import and export enterprises to the customs declaration formalities, for customs inspection and clearance by virtue of the documents and fill out.
b) export sales invoice. This is export enterprises according to and export buyer signed a contract for the sale of fill open documents, is the main certificate of foreign purchases, is also the export enterprise accounting department to do export sales basis by the accounting.
c) purchase invoice. Provide purchase invoices mainly in order to determine the export product supply unit, product name, measurement unit, quantity, whether it is the sales price of the production enterprise, in order to determine the division and calculation of its purchase costs, etc..
d) exchange settlement or payment notice.
e)To production enterprises exported directly or commissioned by the export of homemade products, where the CIF settlement of, should also be attached to the export of goods and export insurance single.
f) Feed processing return products export business enterprises, should also be to tax authorities submitted to the imported materials and parts of the contract number, the date, the imported goods name, quantity, and return the name of the export products, material cost and real is satisfied that the kinds of tax amount etc..
g) product tax certificate.
h) of export proceeds verification has proved.
i) other materials related to the export tax rebate.

4, customers need to provide the following details:
The certification results notice
The list of certification
The verification form
The customs declaration form (for tax refund)
The commercial invoice
The VAT invoice (deduction)
The export of special payment book
The export goods tax rebate enterprises Summary declaration and approval form

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