Warehouse Distribution Management

Kondo logistics focuses its management and operations strategy fully on major cities in mainland China. The client could be shrewd in business by added or deducted stock accurately through our correctly guide. 

Warehouse service offered by Kondo which cost is dominant includes:

1) Pick and Pack Service 

2) Bar Code Mamagement 

3) F.I.F.O Management

4) Sorting and Labeling 

5) Distribution Center 

6) Order Management

7) QC and Test For Goods 

8) Cross-Docking 

9) Bonded Warehouse Management

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The types of warehouse that kondo can provide includes:

1)Bonded warehouse in free trade zone 

2)Bonded Logistics Park warehouse in free trade zone 

3)Non-Bonded warehosue

4)High Rack warehouse 

5)Flat warehoue for equipment 

6)Shelves warehouse for spare parts

7)Floor warehouse 

8)Constant temperature warehouse

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