Logistics Information System

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSThe third party logistics is based on modern electronic information technology. One of the necessary conditions of the third party logistics is the development of electronic information technology. Electronic information technology materializes the fast and accurately transmission of data which increase the degree of automation in storage management, loading and transportation, procurement, order, distribution, shipping and order disposing. It also truly achieves integration of order, packing, preservation, transportation and processing in process of circulation. Corporation could exchange and cooperate with Logistics Corporation more conveniently in short time by using information technology. The cost that mixed in other logistics business can be come out accurately by rapidly development of computer software. At the same time, commercial trend in logistics channel can be effectively managed. Therefore, the corporation could leave the business that accomplished within in Logistics Corporation. 

Sharing information is the key to successful logistics between provider and user of the third party logistics. Kondo’s logistics information management system is developed based on above thought.

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