• Low-Risk

    Kondo logistics have established a precautionary safety management mechanism, we carry out preventive risk control from the whole process of warehousing, storage, distribution, transportation and delivery.

    2020/06/07 admin 56

  • Time-Limited

    We scientifically plan each transportation route, strictly according to the delivery date of the order, communicate with the customer about the delivery time in advance, and promise to arrive timely w

    2020/06/07 admin 33

  • Customs clearance + bonded warehousing + non-bonded warehousing + Transportation (LTL,FTL) integrated logistics service business

    The number one Japanese company in a certain industry needs to import chemical raw materials, and then sold to domestic users in RMB and us dollars respectively, and because of the particularity of pr

    2023/01/31 admin 77

  • The foreign consignee refuses to accept the goods,carry back to the bonded area for re-export

    A Shanghai electronic equipment factory exported three containers of electronic equipment. After the goods arrived in Europe, the consignee could not make the payment on time, so the customer could on

    2020/06/09 admin 42

  • Bonded distribution center of Asia Pacific and domestic China

    A European company wants to store in Shanghai the products it sells to dealers and customers in Asia Pacific and domestic of China. they chose Kondo Logistics warehouse of waigaoqiao free trade zone as the goods before entering the customs of China and Europe to Asia first station, he will be the goods all over the world in a different mode of transportation (ocean, air, rail, express) shipped to Kondo Logistics warehouse in waigaoqiao free trade zone, again by the waigaoqiao free trade zone warehouse Kondo Logistics as a distribution center in China and the Asia Pacific, According to the requirements of dealers and customers in China and the asia-pacific region, the goods shall be delivered to dealers and customers by road, air and sea after customs clearance or outbound filing by means of centralized customs declaration and delivery in batches, partial customs declaration partial delivery and transit trade clearance of goods in transit trade, in this way, the time cost and logistics cost of partial shipment and partial declaration can be saved greatly.

    2020/06/09 admin 47

  • Medical equipment transportation, unloading, moving and setting service

    A Swedish medical equipment company sells imported medical equipment to 3A hospitals all over the country, because the hospital only responsible for receiving, all of the unloading, moving and settin

    2020/06/09 admin 62

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