Logistics Solutions

Nowadays, competition in business is so tough that you always have to race with time. It’s fundamental to deliver required product to the demanded location in fitting time with a reasonable price, if you want to be a winner. In that case, Kondo provide logistics solutions.

Logistics Information System

The third party logistics is based on modern electronic information technology. One of the necessary conditions of the third party logistics is the development of electronic information technology. Electronic information technology materializes the fast and accurately transmission of data which increase the degree of automation in storage management, loading and transportation, procurement, order, distribution, shipping and order disposing. It also truly achieves integration of order, packing, preservation, transportation and processing in process of circulation. Corporation could exchange and cooperate with Logistics Corporation more conveniently in short time by using information technology. The cost that mixed in other logistics business can be come out accurately by rapidly development of computer software. At the same time, commercial trend in logistics channel can be effectively managed. Therefore, the corporation could leave the business that accomplished within in Logistics Corporation. Sharing information is the key to successful logistics between provider and user of the third party logistics. Kondo’s logistics information management system is developed based on above thought.

Warehouse And Distribution Management

Kondo centers great attention on management and operation strategic in China’s mainland. The client could be shrewd in business by added or deducted stock accurately through our correctly guide. Warehouse service offered by Kondo which cost is dominant includes:

1) Pick and Pack Service 

2) Bar Code Mamagement 

3) F.I.F.O Management

4) Sorting and Labeling 

5) Distribution Center 

6) Order Management

7) QC and Test For Goods

8) Cross-Docking 

9)Bonded Warehouse Management 

Transportation Distribution Management

Kondo as a efficient logistics management group, owns a wealth of logistics management knowledge and logistics operation of specific product, know full well that client concern the punctuality and transparent of freight transport most. Therefore, logistics plan designed by Kondo could be closer to client. Kondo makes the flow of transport and distribute information goes fast and accurately in logistics systems though modern IT technology. It builds rational data model using existing data of transportation and distribution with the cost saving as the point of departure which provides scientific and rational basis for decision-making.

Supply Chain Management

Kondo offers integrated logistics solution which put supplier, manufacturer, carrier and retailer all together; Kondo saves system cost though pursue efficiency and validity of the whole system; Kondo realizes the supplier’s supplier and client’s client, so we could decide and operate you logistics activity in whole aspects of supply chain; Kondo chooses the best and the most expeditious logistics deliver plan though the idea of supply chain integration. For all, you only need to pay attention to quality, time and price of the business. As for transportation and links, you have nothing to worry about. Kondo could provide you a package solution to problems.

Kondo: The third party logistics change us with the thought of supply chain.

Plan and Development For Storage

Basis of experience of several years in planning and development for storage, Kondo provide a series of solutions for our client such as planning and development for storage, network planning and designing for storage and so on.

Logistics Consultations

The supply chain group that professional and experienced very much aware of unique demands on every profession. Armed with great experience, Kondo logistics provide tailor-made and integration supply chain solutions that address every requirements of client. If you want to improve the profits by effective supply chain management.

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